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Important information is frequently given to your child to take home in their school bag. In case this information gets lost between the classroom and home then a copy of the letter, newsletter, flyer etc will be added to the School Bag Drop area and so appear here.

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Our fun and energetic classes are a fast-paced introduction to Rugby where the child will learn about shapes, colours, numbers and counting, they will be encouraged to work independently as well as enjoying team games. Finding space, looking after the ball, scoring tries, running with the ball in two hands and general agility and balance are just some of the things the children will learn during their time with us.  All the equipment used in these classes has been specifically designed and selected for young children. We use sponge foam balls so the children can catch, pass and kick their goals with confidence. Its colourful, it's lively and it's guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day. Click here to see Rugby Tots poster
Parent Council Minutes 7th February 2018
We understand that the extended stories to accompany the ORT books can often go missing. The questions below are generic higher order thinking questions to ensure engagement with the text. These are not specific and could be applied to all ORT books.
When and where did the story take place?   Who are the main characters?   What does the main character look like?   How does the book begin?   Where in the book would you find...?   Can you think of another story character similar to a character in this book?   Have you had any similar experiences?   Which text/story is better? Why?   Which parts of the text could be improved?   Did you like the ending – why/why not?   Who would you recommend this to?  
What is the book about?   Which part did you like/dislike – why?   Can you explain why...?   If you were the main character, how would you have reacted to this?   What would this character think?   Are there any other reasons why *** might have happened?  
King’s Park Primary Parent Council - Survey Summary
Parent Council Agenda 7th February 2018
Parent Council Minutes 15th November 2017
PDF version of Christmas at Kings Park Primary School
Christmas at Kings Park
Christmas Dates parents 2017 (v2)
Dear Parent/Carer, In this year's Nativity every child will dress up. Your child along with the rest of their class (P1C) will be dressing up as: A Star They will require:
  • White tights/leggings/trousers and a yellow t-shirt. If you are experiencing any difficulties in obtaining these items, please let us know.
Please ensure these are brought into school in a labelled plastic bag, by Friday 8th December. Thank you for your continued support P1 and P2 teachers.
Parent Council Agenda 15th November 2017
P1 Reading Homework letter , Suggested-Reading-Activities    
Button Box 4th Event
With term now being back in full swing we’re hearing concerns that parents are driving really fast along Waverley Road and Park Road at drop off and pick up times. It’s a 20mph speed limit and there are concerns that  parents drive far too fast along both of the roads. As there are young children living in these streets, we are asking parents to slow down to 20mph from the start of the roads. The concern has also been mentioned to the local police.
Parent Council Minutes 20/09/17
Kings Park Primary School Calendar of Events 2017_2018
Parent Council Meeting Agenda Wednesday 20th September 2017
Dear Parents and Carers We will be discussing this important document at the next Parent Council Meeting ... par7-ReportingParentsCarersGuidance300117 Please feel very welcome to come along at 7pm on Wednesday 20th September. Access via Door A. Kind regards Ms Limerick
The core elements of our dress code can be found on our school website. Please let us know if you have any problems accessing this information via this link ...  http://kingspark.mgfl.net/school-uniform/ Although the emblem gives a personal school touch, there is no requirement for parents to purchase clothing from Border Embroideries and parents are free to opt for the similar coloured items available in the shops. With regard to the house colours for t-shirts, the website also states that a white-t shirt is also an option. The school does benefit from commission made from the Border Embroideries sales but I certainly don't want parents to feel under any pressure to use the company. Ms Limerick thinks it might be useful to have a full consultation with parents about the school dress code early next year so that we can then update and clarify things via the website and make changes to any leaflets in time for parents ordering items for session 18/19.
WH Smith 2        W H SMITH
KPS PC Agenda 20170614
Please see attached information on our next FREE children’s clothing community event, we are having this event on Saturday 26th August 2017 at Lasswade High School Centre in Bonnyrigg, 12.30pm till 2.30pm.  Please share this with friends, family, colleagues....remember this is a FREE event and it is open to all Midlothian families regardless of their circumstances, for those wishing to donate clothing we will also have a drop off point on the day.Button Box 3RD EVENTpdf
Clothing for Health Week
Please find attached a copy of the Headteacher Update which was issued today, 12th May 2017. Headteacher Update May 2017
General election
Button Box 2nd event
Agenda 29th March 2017
KPS PC Minutes 20170208
ADOS2_poster_A4_Emailable_Dec2016 Distribution letter
PC Minutes 20161116