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King's Park Primary School

School Houses

At King’s Park Primary School we operate a House Point System.

Every pupil is allocated a House which they will be in for the duration of their time at King’s Park. Siblings are put in the same House. The Houses are Buccleuch, Dalhousie and Lothian.

House Points

House points are given to children who keep a Golden Rule. The pupils can be given House Points at any time of the school day and by any member of the school staff. Each week House Points are collected and the results are announced by the House Captains. At the end of each term the House with the highest number of points from that term will enjoy a treat. At the end of the final term, the House with the highest number of points gained throughout the year will have a ‘Special Treat’.
Why Have a House System?

Our House System promotes:

Each House has an associated colour, logo/mascot and slogan.


Buccleuch! Buccleuch!
We wear the colour blue,
We work the hardest,
We have the most fun
And at the end of the week
We’re number 1!
BeeBee the Buccleuch FairyBoggle


Dalhousie rules,
Dalhousie rocks,
This house really is
the cream of the crops!
Donaldson the Dalhousie DuckDanny the Dalhousie Duck


Lothian is our name,
Collecting house points is our game.
We’ll collect the points until we burst,
‘Cause at the finish line we’ll be first.