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King's Park Primary School

Who Are the Care Inspectorate?

We are the independent regulator of social care and social work services across Scotland. We regulate, inspect and support improvement of care, social work and child protection services for the benefit of the people who use them. Various kinds of organisations provide the services we regulate: local authorities, individuals, businesses, charities and voluntary organisations.

From September 2011 our everyday name became the “Care Inspectorate”. Nicola Sturgeon, Cabinet Secretary for Health, agreed and reported this to Parliament. Our formal name, Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS) is set out in legislation so will not change.

We are an independent organisation with our own Board responsible for our governance. We are funded by the registration and continuation fees we charge and by the Scottish Government.

Care Inspectorate

Care Inspectorate & King’s Park

The Care Inspectorate reports on standards within the Nursery Class. Below are the Quality Grades and Inspection Reports for King’s Park Primary School Nursery Class.

Date Quality of Care and Support Quality of Environment Quality of Staffing Quality of Management and Leadership
22/01/13 5 – Very Good 5 – Very Good 5 – Very Good 4 – Good
30/03/12 5 – Very Good*
28/02/12 1-Unsatisfactory*
10/11/10 4 – Good Not Assessed Not Assessed Not Assessed
16/12/08 5 – Very Good 5 – Very Good 5 – Very Good 5 – Very Good

* Gradings resulting from information submitted, not inspection