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King's Park Primary School

Junior Road Safety Officers

Each year, 4 Primary 7 pupils are selected to be JRSOs. Supported by Midlothian Council’s Travel to School Coordinator, King’s Park’s Road Safety Coordinator and local community police officers, they take forward initiatives to encourage pupils, parents, carers and staff to travel to school in safe and eco friendly ways.

Over the past few years, the JRSOs’ imaginative ideas have included ‘Be Bright Day’, when pupils came to school dressed in bright colours to highlight the dangers of dark evenings, and a competition to write a song about safe parking, to the tune of ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’.

As well as coming up with their own ideas, the JRSOs implement regional and national initiatives, such as Parksmart, Walk to School Week, and Kerbcraft Training for infant children. They also organise ‘Bring Your Bike to School Week’ which coincides with King’s Park’s Health Week each year. During this week, children are encouraged to cycle or scoot to school, and can take part in related activities and competitions; the climax of the week is ‘Bling Your Bike to School Day’, when pupils dress their bikes up colorfully and imaginatively. In many ways, the JRSOs contribute effectively to the Health and Wellbeing of all those associated with King’s Park Primary School.