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Picasso P4a


Primary 4a have been learning how to draw self-portraits.  We have been looking closely at the artist Picasso and how we could create an image in his unique style.  We tried to create a self-portrait and side profile in one image.  We used chalks and developed our skills on blending to create a desired effect.  We were particularly focussing on using hot and cold colours to create a contrasting image.

Yes or No

Whilst reading our class novel ‘The Fish in Room 11’ we were asked to sort statements under the headings YES or No.  If we believed the statement was true we added it to the YES pile or if we disagreed with the statement we put it into the NO pile.  We had to justify our opinion by using evidence from the story.



Strategies for Addition and Subtraction

In numeracy we are practising how to use the ‘Jump Strategy’, ‘Over-Jump Strategy’ and ‘Jump to the Decuple’ to solve word problems.  We have been practising rounding numbers to the nearest ten or hundred to help us with these strategies.


We are learning to say the alphabet in French.  We asked a partner what their name was and how to spell it.


Other News

Primary 4




Snow Day Learning Activities and Ideas

Please find a variety of ideas that you can choose to work on during Snow Days. Please share your learning on our Twitter feed @KingParkPS

Primary 4




Primary 4/5 Rugby Festival

Some photos from our recent P4/5 Rugby Festival

Primary 4




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P4a’s Rugby Training

This term we have had the opportunity to participate in a six week block of rugby.  Over the last few weeks we have learned how to handle a rugby ball, pass the ball backwards (which has taken some of us time to get use to) and how to position ourselves on the field, to allow [...]

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PlayTalkRead Bus

Benji the PlayTalkRead Bus is coming to Midlothian. The Bus will be hosting free storytelling and rhythm sessions and a range of play and activity sessions for children and their parents.