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To conclude our short magnetism topic we shared all our new learning:


“The stronger & bigger a magnet, the more it can attract.”

“Magnets can move iron.”

“Huge magnets on cranes are used in junk yards.”

“Magnets stick to some metals like iron and steel.”

“Magnets give off a force.”

“The same poles can’t attract… they repel.”

“South pole can only attract the north.”


We then applied this new knowledge and worked collaboratively to create our own magnetism board games for others to play.

20170421_111045 20170421_111055 20170421_111113 20170421_111131

Making our own, fun board games was a great way to conclude our magnetism topic and we are now looking forward to learning all about castles in our next topic.


Other News

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Famous Scots Presentations in Primary 3C

So far Primary 3C have been presenting information on famous scientists, geologists, nurses and sports people so we have been learning a lot.  We look forward to hearing about other famous Scots over the next few weeks.

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P3b Learned About John Logie Baird!

John Logie Baird is our famous Scot this week. He invented the first television.

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Note taking in P3C

P3C have been learning about the life of Mary Queen of Scots this week.  Using this information, we have been working in our Home Teams to make notes.

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P3b’s news sharing and tartan art!

P3b like to share their news with partners on a Monday morning. We first write about what we did at the weekend; trying to use adjectives, connectives and good punctuation. We choose a partner when the music stops. After we have read our news aloud to them, we swap boards to peer assess and give [...]