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The End Of The Week News

End Of The Week News W/C 05/10/20

Cohort 1 – Red group, Yellow group and Purple group Acorns 

The acorns have been interested in families and how they are different. This followed on from talking about fairy tales and how some characters in the stories sometimes only have a mum or a dad or step parents or no parents. They were able to share who lived in their family by looking at their family photos. They children have continued developing their numeracy skills by playing dominoes, the children learned about counting using 1 to 1 correspondence, matching and turn taking. We will continue to look at how dots represent quantity in different ways. There has also been an interest in making worms and snails at the play dough area, the children have been discussing size, long, short, small, big and sorting them from smallest to biggest and shortest to longest. The acorns will be attending to Forest Schools on Monday, please dress appropriately for the weather.

Cohort 1 – Red group, Yellow group and Purple group Seedlings

The seedlings have continued their interest in Goldilocks this week by having a puppet show, the children were able to re-enact the story using the puppets and perform in front of the other children. This went on to bringing the autumn animals over and making a show with them. The children learned more about the animals and identified which animals are nocturnal. Some of the children have been making their own aeroplanes using different sizes of paper; they have been exploring forces and measuring how far they land. The children experimented with the aeroplanes outside at the local park to see if they would fly further. The seedlings will be attending forest schools on Thursday, please dress appropriately for the weather.


Forest Schools

This week the children have returned to Forest School sessions. We took Cohort 2 acorns and seedlings out Monday and Thursday respectively. On Monday there was a great deal of mud to explore and not entirely sure who enjoyed splashing in the puddles more, the children or Mrs Taylor! It was great to get the children back into the space and begin adjusting to a new environment. We did some exploring and ended with a literacy session under the trees chatting about all the stories we knew that have forests in them. “Stick man, The Gruffalo,  Gruffalo’s Child, Hansel and Gretel to name a few. Although it was wet on Monday this didn’t stop the children in the acorns having a great time.
Yesterday was the Seedlings from cohort 2. There was very different learning with this group, lots of good listening games and exploring, one of the children told me. “I loved that adventure we just went on Mrs Paterson”. We went one a mystery path to see where it led and there was great cooperation and team work taking place. We made a swing in the tree and also explored some knots when using the ropes.
Both groups enjoyed a snack in the woods and chatted about litter and making sure we take care of our environment.

We hope to take the children from Cohort 1 on Monday and Thursday next week.
Please make sure they bring in their wellies.

Cohort 2 – Blue group, Orange group and Green group Acorns

There has been some amazing construction and design taking place this week. In the construction area, at one point there was one child building a long line of blocks. Lining them all up equally apart and counting them, great numeracy work taking place naturally through play. There was a group of children using the K-Nex to build and also created amazing horned cars,
some terrific team work and helping each other to build. One child built a model with two eyes, one in front one behind. When asked he told me “So it can see where it’s been and where it’s going to” Brilliant! We had another child quietly enjoying a threading activity and a group weighing and measuring.
Using construction resources helps improve their problem-solving. They explored symmetry, sizes, shapes, and other aspects if the objects also gaining understand the concepts of cause and effect, balance, and gravity.

Cohort 2 – Blue group, Orange group and Green group Seedlings

There has been a huge amount of numeracy taking place in both cohorts this week as they have had been spending lots of time in the story area looking at number stories and recognising numbers within the stories. There have been more measuring taking place using tape measures and rulers.

Outside we had a monkey forest and lots of monkeys climbing and chattering in the trees. One child even spotted one through his binoculars on the school roof! Goodness me!

We have shared some lovely literacy. Overhearing a conversation today about if Jack had gone to the three bear’s house and his mum had been angry and thrown the porridge out of the window, maybe a big porridge tree would have grown outside! Or if Cinderella had visited the three bears and when they found her sleeping in the bed she might have dropped her glass slipper running away. Some really great story telling and imagination

Mrs Fenwick has taken two groups for Helicopter stories this week. This is a session that focuses around literacy and drama. The children hear and act out a story then make up their own story that is scribed by the adult word for word. The children then act out their own story for others.


Dates for your diary

October break (ELC closed) – 19th October – 26th October- ELC opens 27th October.

Halloween dressing up (with regards to Covid19 restrictions please can we have no masks) – Seedlings 29/10/20 Acorns – 30/10/20


Now that the weather is changing and becoming much colder, could we remind children to bring waterproof jackets, wellies and hats as we use outdoors every day.



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