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King’s Park ELC end of the week news 16-10-20


Cohort 1 – Red group, Yellow group and Purple group Acorns 

The acorns unfortunately didn’t attend Forest Schools on Monday due to staff absence but that didn’t stop them having lots of outdoor learning in the garden. The rainy day gave the acorns lots of opportunity to develop their maths, numeracy, imaginative play and gross motor skills. There was measuring puddles and worms using rulers, different of types of schematic play such as transporting rain water to the mud kitchen, enclosing and containing it in to bowls, tubs and cups and identifying floating and sinking by adding different objects to the puddles. Indoors the children have been developing their fine motor skills by threading with the string and beads and also using the threading boards. Some of the girls made some lovely bracelets but unfortunately couldn’t take them home so today we responded to their interest and provided some pasta and string for threading so that they can take them home.  There has been paint making, using powder paints, water and special ingredients. First they experimented with the ingredients, using their own judgement, we had runny paint and thick paint our next steps are to follow instructions. Mrs Sutherland has been taking small groups of children for talk time where they have the opportunity to socialise with others, take turns playing games and develop listening skills.


Cohort 3 – Red group, Yellow group and Purple group Seedlings

The seedlings have continued their interest in autumn/nocturnal animals this week; they have had the opportunity to make their own animals using loose parts such as pinecones, conkers and cork. They have been very creative this week in the construction area; we have had some great models being made with the Lego and tower building with the big wooden blocks. Mrs Sutherland has been taking small groups of children for talk time where they have the opportunity to socialise with others, take turns playing games and develop listening skills. Outside in the garden we have been developing our hand eye co-ordination by throwing different size balls in to targets.  On Thursday the seedlings participated in Forest Schools, they all seemed to really enjoy it – see Forest Schools info below.


Forest Schools

Forest School session this week was with the seedling group. As we intend to have adventurous activities such as fire pit and use of tools when in the woods we need to build on the children’s listening skills to enable these things to take place. So this week we focused on listening and following simple instructions. Giving the children the responsibility for their own actions is a great way to gain and understanding of the various stages that the children are at. In using quiet calm voices with the children they find they need to really pay attention and focus on what is being asked of them. We began with taking time stopping at various points on the way to the woods and observing what we could see, hear and smell. The children found toadstools and a rotting tree stump that had an amazing smell when we moved it. The children were asked to collect certain coloured leaves and brought them back to ELC with them.

The children also did the daily risk assessment and we spoke about lots of things we need to remember when out in the forest to keep us safe but also to enable us to have a great time and lots of fun learning.

We were really so sad to see how our part of the woods have been vandalised and the children told me they felt sad and angry that someone had left so much litter, broken glass and other waste in the area  making it far too dangerous for the children to play there or to help clear it up. It’s really sad that this is a constant problem in the area so the children have decided that they will make some posters to ask whoever it is that makes the mess to please stop. We are happy to share the space but please stop making it a dangerous place for us and the creatures that live in the woodland.

Please remember when children visit the woods in order for them to have the best experience they need to be warm and dry.

If you are providing your own child’s wet suit they need to be full length in the arms and the bottom of the trousers need to be able to be pulled right over the top of their boots. As we say to the children “Suits over boots” This means their feet will stay dry and warm, we will still go out in the rain. Please make sure on the days the children go to the wood they are wearing warm trousers, warm socks, and layers on top , vest, tee-shirt and jumper, this is the best clothing both boys and girls.

If you can please ensure they always have wellies at nursery please. Even for the days they are not going to the woods as again they will go out in the ELC setting in the rain. Who doesn’t love a puddle to jump in! Thank you so much in advance.

Cohort 2 – Blue group, Orange group and Green group Acorns

The acorns have had a lovely week and have been working a lot with name recognition this week. We have introduced self registration for snack with the children and they now all have a stone with their name printed on. This enables them to take their stone when they sit for snack and place it into the “I’ve had my snack “ basket when they have finished. There are no pictures on the stones so this is really good early name recognition practice for them. We have had lots of early writing taking place in the mark making area and some scissor practice taking place. All excellent ways to begin those early writing skills making sure the foundations are all in place before they are ready to begin writing. We will continue this over the next few week providing varying opportunities for mark making.

Lots of big movement and physical activities taking place also. The boys have enjoyed countless games of chase and hide and seek when outside, and are becoming really adept at taking turns and offering support to others. We continue to have discussions about our emotions and how we all have them and how we can support our children through them. Being able to understand emotions and how to deal with them is really important and understanding it’s ok to feel sad, angry, happy and unhappy.

There has been a lot of construction taking place too. We offered some different building materials this week and there have been many things being made, from bridges to computers to iPods! Using construction offers the adult time to observe and open question and take the children’s learning further. There are so many opportunities for maths in construction, learning shape, size colour and counting. Our acorns really enjoy he physical activities like this.

We have also enjoyed our first Talk Time activities this week and Helicopter stories are going brilliantly.

Cohort 4 – Blue group, Orange group and Green group Seedlings

Seedlings have been very busy too; we have been making paper Mache leaf lanterns. We had a very sticky morning making these and it was such fun. They are now drying and when we come back after the holidays we will pop the balloons and place candles inside them.  The seedling group have really engaged with autumn and have taken time looking at leaves and other things collects over the weeks. It will be lovely for them to have something to preserve the beautiful leaves we have collected on our walks in the park.

Although at present regulations mean we are unable to sing with the children, Mrs Taylor made some wonderful props for the children to use and talk through the songs. Painted stones and painted wooden spoons with the songs on. The children have really loved these. Even though we can’t sing we have enjoyed various musical experiences this week from playing with the props to listening to classical music on the computer. This is a lovely way to introduce the children to different types of music and something we will be continuing.

We introduced a game of “Whets in the box” with them and this was to continue on from last week’s senses learning. The children have taken turns in feeling pieces of fruit in the box and describing what it felt like, and then of course get to taste it. We have had some wonderful words such as “Spiky, cold, slimy” this was a Pineapple but because they couldn’t see it this made it far more exciting!

We have really enjoyed stories and props this week too. The children are gaining so much from this and can interact with the story as it is being told OR can make up their own story with the characters.

Dates for your diary

October break (ELC closed) – 19th October – 26th October- ELC opens 27th October.

Halloween dressing up (with regards to covid19 restrictions please can we have no masks) – Seedlings 29/10/20 Acorns – 30/10/20



Now that the weather is changing and becoming much colder, could we remind children to bring waterproof jackets, wellies and hats as we use outdoors every day.

Can we please remind cohort 1 (red, yellow and purple acorns) and cohort 3(red, yellow and purple seedlings) parents to stay on the right hand side of the gate at pick up time (next to nursery building).  Cohort 2 (blue, green and orange acorns) and cohort 4 (blue, green and orange seedlings) to stay on the left hand side of the gate (next to nursery garden) at pick up. If parents could please come forward and collect their child from the gate one at a time and quickly move away from the gate to enable the next parent in line, this will ensure the children are handed over safely you are practicing safe distance and you are keeping us safe.

Can adults wear face masks in the school playground please to ensure we keep our school community safe.

We have the school app up and running on Gov Scot – you will be able to find out more information about the school and ELC and this terms newsletters.

Wishing you all a really lovely October break. Take care and see you on the 27th October


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