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King's Park Primary School

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee consists of a pupil from each class from P1 – 6 and we will work with the Health Champs from P7 when they are elected. All pupils have applied and were elected to the committee through a class vote. Committee members are supported by Miss Gardiner, Ms Wilson and Mrs Campbell (PE specialist).

The Sports Committee is responsible for applying for the Sports Scotland School Sports Award. This involves looking at the PE experiences pupils at King’s Park receive as well as the opportunities for pupils to participate in extracurricular sports clubs. The committee complete a detailed application form and work closely with our Active Schools Coordinator to complete this. Following completion of the application we will create a development plan to develop PE and sports clubs within King’s Park. Last year we were awarded the Bronze award. We will be completing our application for this year shortly and we will let you know the outcome.

This year the Committee are working in three sub groups. These groups are looking at clubs, fundraising and celebrating school successes and wider achievements.


The ‘Clubs Group’ have been surveying pupils within their cases to find out what sports clubs people would like to take part in and we have used these responses to help decide what clubs we can offer. The pupils have also written letters to staff to ask if any teachers would be able to help out at lunch times clubs. This term we are able to offer football, rugby and athletics. We have created a notice board on the way to the dining hall which will give details of the sports clubs on offer.


The ‘Fundraising Group’ are working on ideas to raise funds for addition sports equipment. They are considering organising a whole school sponsored obstacle course, with pupils taking part dressed as a sports star. Discussions with Mrs Campbell will help them decide on how the monies raised could be spent.

Wider Achievements

This sub group are passionate about celebrating the efforts of pupils and their successes in sports. They have decided to create a wall in the gym hall and dining hall which will share successes from our Sporting Stars!

Sports Clubs Autumn Term


Monday Football P2-3

Tuesday Dance P4-7

Wednesday Dance P1-3 Athletics P5-7 Rugby P1-3

Thursday Football P4-7

After School

Tuesday Basketball P3-7

Thursday Athletics P1-3