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King's Park Primary School

Bus Transport

Midlothian Council’s current policy is to pay the travel expenses of those pupils attending the District School who live more that two miles from that school. The policy is stated below:

Bus passes are issued where public transport exists. Contract transport is arranged where there is no suitable public transport. Where there are vacant seats on contract buses, these may be made available to pupils who are attending the district school and who are not normally entitled to free transport; however a charge may be made for this service.

Where appropriate, free travel is provided for pupils receiving special education. Consideration may also be given to requests for assistance with travel in exceptional circumstances eg: where the road between home and school is deemed by the Authority to be unsafe, and where there is no public transport available*. At this time, pupils living in the Newbattle Abbey estate are entitled to free bus passes.

Transport costs are also met in the case of any pupil whom the Authority requires to attend a school other than the district school, if the pupil meets the distance qualification.

Parents who choose to send their children to other than the district school will not receive assistance in relation to travel to and from school.

Vehicle Access

Vehicle access to school grounds is limited and the Parent Council, staff, PTA, JRSOs and pupils monitor and revisit pupil travel to school on a regular basis.

The authority advises that responsibility for the safety of the children on their way to and from school is legally a parental matter. Please obey traffic regulations in place in the vicinity of the school. They are here for the safety of all the children.

Walking or Cycling to School

Parents, pupils and staff who walk or cycle all or part of the journey to school are more healthy.

Initiatives and measures to encourage walking and cycling to school include;

School Travel Plan

You can read the school travel plan by clicking HERE.