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King's Park Primary School

The Parent Forum

The Parent Forum consists of all the parents who have a child at this school. Every parent or carer with a child at the school is automatically a members. The Parent Forum can expect to

What is the Parent Council?

The Parent Council is the representative body of the Parent Forum who liaise with the school on its behalf.

The majority of members are parents or carers of children at the school. The Head teacher has a right to attend all meetings and there is representation from other school staff. There can also be co-opted members – members of the community with links to the school.

The chairperson of the Parent Council is Aoibhe O’Callaghan and the secretary rile is shared between Karlyn Durrant and Laura Cockram.

What does the Parent Council do?

The main aim of the Parent Council is to help the school operate successfully. This includes,

Our recent activities

We are lucky to have a very active Parent Council at King’s Park. Over the past few years we have been involved in a number of activities with or on behalf of the school, including:

We have also had presentations from the Pupil Council and from our Active Schools Co-ordinator as well as regular updates from the head teacher.

We have a number of subgroups working on a variety of projects on behalf of the school. These are:

How YOU can get involved

You can get involved as much or as little as you are willing or able to. Here are a few examples of how you could get involved.

Everyone has something to offer that will benefit our children in some way.

Contact Details

We have a number of contact methods to enable you to communicate with us and us with you.

The Parent Council represents parents’ views and supports the school in achieving its educational aims.

If you have any views, ideas or concerns please sign up to be added to the e-mail contact list, like our page on Facebook, check the noticeboard, or leave a suggestion in the box outside the school office. You all have a voice, and we would love to hear it.
We will endeavour to keep you up to date by posting the agendas and minutes of Parent Council meetings and any other events that are coming up.

Parent Council Documents

Meeting Times and Location

Meetings are held 5 times a year in the Junior Building at King’s Park School (enter through door A). They run from 7pm until 8.30pm.

Dates for 2016/17: