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King's Park Primary School


This week in Nursery – 24th-28th September

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Careers in Care (CiC) programme

Children from Kings Park Primary School are participating in a work placement at Kings Park nursery on 27th September 2018 as part of a programme delivered by Edinburgh College to encourage primary school children to consider a career in care. The Careers in Care programme is run by Edinburgh College and involves P6 pupils completing an afternoon of work experience in a nursery setting. (Full information is available on the website). Could you please return the permission slip to allow the college to take phones of the event for marketing purposes.  If you do not want your child to be photographed please let a member of staff know.  Could children please wear clothes you don’t mind them getting dirty and messy with mud, paint and glue etc. please ensure your children have spare clothes with them.

Parent consultation

This is an opportunity to speak to your child’s key worker to see how they have settled into nursery. These will take place within the nursery session.  Please put you name on the signup sheet located on the unit above the children’s names. Please speak to a member of staff if these dates are not suitable. (TBC)

Toys from home

Could we please ask that you do not allow your child to bring toys in from home as they are getting lost or broken and the children are getting upset.

Nursery garden

Could we please ask that do not allow your child to play in the nursery garden before or after their session as this could be set up ready for the next session?

Parent helpers

We welcome parents’ to come in and help in the nursery.  This could be on a regular basis, part of a session or a one off.  There is a calendar located on the information board, so if you would like to help please add you name to this. Thanks for your continued support, if you have any questions please let us know.

Collecting Children

When collecting your child, please could you go over to the coloured area rather than the children running to you in the cloakroom and please ensure you let a member of staff know you have collected your child!

Red group- at the back of the nursery on the right hand side,

Blue group and yellow group- at the back of the nursery in the puzzle area.

Orange group and green group- left hand side of the nursery in front of the smart board.


As a Nursery we take part in the child smile programme and brush the children teeth at nursery.  This is an OPT OUT programme, so if your do not wish your child to take part please let the nursery staff know.  We will be starting this on Monday 24th September.  This is slightly later than we anticipated as we have been focussing on building other skills within the nursery before introducing new routines.


As part of the nursery day we have to offer the children a full range of experiences, inside and out, the children will therefore be able to access the garden in all weathers. Please can you ensure your child has a change of clothes with them every day, a waterproof jacket and wellies. We do have a small stock of waterproof trousers and a couple of pairs of wellies, but if you could provide your child with their own, that would be great. Also, if you have any old wellies or waterproof trousers you no longer use and would like to donate them to the nursery this would be very much appreciated as well as socks, trousers, pants and shoes as our stock is running low.


As it is getting colder and lots of runny noses, we would like to ask for donations of boxes of tissues, this would be greatly appreciated.


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