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King's Park Primary School


Things to do

Nursery  Learning through play

How to make our Nursery Play dough

1 cup table salt

2 cups plain flour

1 tablespoon cream of tartar

2 tablespoons oil (Vegetable)

Colour of choice you can use food colour or children’s paint

2 cups of freshly boiled water (Adult adds, must be boiling)

Put all dry ingredients in a bowl and stir till mixed well.

Boil Kettle

Put oil and colouring into a cup together and top up with boiling water, stir well.

Pour into dry ingredients and top up cup a second time with boiling water add this.

Stir all together until begins to come together.

Please make sure you add the right amount of water it will look like there is too much but it will cook the flour and thicken.


Kneed well till cooled and let your little one have fun.

You can also add coco powder, porridge oats for a variety of textures.




1 cup of corn flour or custard powder

Food colour of choice

Add enough water till it is difficult to stir but appears wet.

Pour onto a tray and have fun!


Will dry to a powder and will easily wash off and sweep up again.


Shaving foam

Use the cheap and cheerful sensitive foam.

Put it on a big tray with cars, dinosaurs, dolls etc


Other messy play  ( Sensory)

Trays of jelly (yummy too)

Angel delight

Pasta for threading

Cooked Pasta with food colour in the water while cooking

Spaghetti and cherrios for threading and counting

Other play ideas

Dressing up – collect your hats and scarves old shirts and tee shirts. The children gain more from using their imagination to create a character from bit of fabric than a dressing up outfit ready made which is expensive too. Let them experiment

Counting for numeracy in everyday activities

Baking activities – Weighing and measuring with the child.

Counting up and down the stairs

Counting forwards and backwards

Quiet time – Give them some down time to rest

Planting seeds – Counting and nurture

Tidying the garden

Nature walks if safe to do so – Collecting and counting sticks leaves etc. Sizes and shapes of things collected sort into groups.

Transient Art. – Making things or pictures from items collected on your walk.


Pens, pencils , chalks.

Sticks in mud or sand.



If it feels like everything is too much…..put some music on and Dance with you kiddies they love it!

Classical music…..On You tube or Alexa  “ Music to read to”  is one we use in nursery- its calming and can help maintain focus

If you have space – Arts and crafts

You can make glue from flour and water.


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