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The End Of The Week News W/C 28/09/20

End Of The Week News W/C 28/09/20

Cohort 1 – Red group, Yellow group and Purple group Acorns 

This week the acorns have been learning lots about maths and numeracy this week as part of maths week. They have been able to develop number recognition while playing an outdoor racing game in the big playground. The children had to run to the number that was called out. They also participated in a sorting activity were they had to sort their Autumn loose parts in to size. Some of the children set up a game using horse chestnuts and arrows, the aim of the game was to find the horse chestnuts and recognise the numbers. They also had to sort them in to size from smallest to biggest.  Some of the boys have been using their imaginative skills as well as their gross motor skills by role playing outside; one favourite was pretending to be the chipmunks and using the top of the climbing frame as their home. Friday was the launch of French Fridays, the children have been learning to say hello in French “Bonjour” and my name is Je M’ appelle, the children responded well to it and are enthusiastic to learn more next time. Encourage your child to practice these new words at home. They have had the opportunity to make French flags and learn the colours and order they come in.

Cohort 1 – Red group, Yellow group and Purple group Seedlings

The seedlings have had a keen interest in making slime this week and trying to perfect the recipe. Miss Harker and the children are delighted with the end result and the children have learned that measuring the ingredients out helps, also lots of stirring. The Children have been learning more about size this week and relating it to Goldilocks and the Three Bears story, discussing small, medium and big. They have also listened to different versions of the story this week “Goldilocks and just the one Bear”, “Goldilocks and The Three Dinosaurs”, “Eat your greens Goldilocks” and “A chair for Baby Bear”. The children were able to compare similarities and differences within the stories. After reading the story “A chair for baby bear” the children decided to make one at the woodwork area, using their problem solving skills. They developed their fine motor and gross motor skills while using the hammer and nails to build it.

Cohort 2 – Blue group, Orange group and Green group Acorns

This week in cohort 2 the Acorns have continued their interest in autumn. They have been out for a walk in the park to see if they can recognise the changes in nature since the last visit. We have noticed that the trees are changing colour all the time, leaves are changing from green to yellow to red but some haven’t changed at all. We have chatted about evergreen trees such as Yew and Pine while on our walk. We also enjoyed a scavenger hunt this week with them and found many of the things on our list except that elusive Squirrel!

We have also discussed how we keep ourselves safe in and around nursery. Remembering to have walking feet indoors when we travel around the room, if we are out in the park and see a dog, how to not shout and be loud but to stay with the teacher so we don’t make the doggy excited. We have chatted about how important it is to stay together and not leave the group.

It was Math week and we have enjoyed so many maths learning opportunities. The children have made different shaped roads for shape recognition and have also used road signs, again lots of shape recognition for them.

We have numbered the parking bays in the garage and the children have spoken about colours and numbers. “I’m parking the blue car in Bay 4, I used the triangle road to get to the garage.”

The children have enjoyed hot lunches together and many children are now trying and enjoying the food offered for lunch. We have been using our three R’s at the lunch table learning to be respectful, waiting and being patient and being responsible by clearing our dishes and making sure our table is clear.

We have begun to have “French Fridays” today and have been speaking in French with the children. Words such as

“Bonjour” –  Hello

“Sava?” How are you ?

Sava Bien merci “ – I’m fine thank you

The children responded really well and enjoyed experimenting with new words and actually though teachers we a bit silly!


Cohort 2 – Blue group, Orange group and Green group Seedlings


This week we have been learning and experimenting with things that float and sink. We found some really interesting things out such as we all thought the sponge would float (including me!) but it sank just like the stone. We discussed why this happened and the children realised all the little parts of the sponge had filled with water so it was light when it went into the water but soon became very heavy, making it sink.

Again there has been lots of measuring and weighing taking place. We have weighed thigs and made comparisons to what was heavy and what was light and how we can make the scales balance by finding things similar in size and shape.

Many of the children have enjoyed challenging themselves with cutting and learning how to use scissors effectively. Learning good hand eye coordination following a line on paper to cut it.

We have followed patterns on paper, ensuring more challenging learning for mark making and some children have carried this over themselves to the chalk boards.

We have also enjoyed so amazingly messy play when we made slime! The vocabulary the children we

Some of the boys remembered to bring leaves to nursery so next week we can make an autumn lantern together.

After story yesterday we spoke about the monster in the story that had 10 heads. This lead to an adult led discussion about Diwali – the Hindu celebration of the festival of lights that starts in November this year so we will plan to learn about that together.

Across both cohorts we have been learning weekly sign language signs.

Good Morning, Hello, Wait and Snack   …. Why not ask them to show you?




Dates for your diary

October break (ELC closed) – 19th October – 26th October- ELC opens 27th October.

Mrs Tierney will be helping at Lasswade ELC for the next week, Mrs Sutherland will continue to work in the yellow group.

Mrs Calder will now be working a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

French Friday 09/10/20 – Wear something stripy


Now that the weather is changing and becoming much colder, could we remind children to bring waterproof jackets, wellies and hats as we use outdoors every day.



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