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End Of The Week News W/C 09/11/20

End Of The Week News W/C 9/11/20

Cohort 1 – Red group, Yellow group and Purple group Acorns 


The acorns started their week off learning about Diwali (The Festival of Lights), they listened to the story of Rama and Sita and made some beautiful Rangoli pattern pictures from coloured rice. They also listened to a story about space – Zoom, Rocket, Zoom which sparked lots of interest in planets. The children have been learning the names of the planets and also created their own planets to hang in the story corner. One of the children arrived at nursery talking about Guy Fawkes so we responded to his interest to find out more about him. The children had a conversation about the King from the Guy Fawkes story and what castles they have visited. The children where then able to develop their imagination skills when playing with their very own castle and small world.  The children had a great time at Forest schools this week – a video was uploaded on to seesaw for you to see what great fun they had exploring the outdoors.

Cohort3 – Red group, Yellow group and Purple group Seedlings


One of our seedlings will begin to celebrate Diwali (the festival of lights) this Saturday, we listened to the story of Rama and Sita and the children had the opportunity to make their own Diva candles using salt dough. Once they were dry the children painted them and added lots of glitter and sequence. They also participated in music and movement, learning some knew styles of dancing from different cultures. Thursday was the seedlings Forest school day. They were the first group of children to try on our new outdoor suits and wellies. See Forest shools below to see what the children got up to.

Cohort 2 – Blue group, Orange group and Green group Acorns


The Acorns and Seedlings have enjoyed learning about Diwali this week. We have enjoyed learning of the story of Rama and Sita and how goodness wins over evil. If you would like to know the story the children have watched you can view it on YouTube by following this link.  https://video.link/w/RkGyb

We have looked at rangoli patterns by using paints and cotton buds to paint them and decorated the nursery with hundreds of lights. Diwali is a Hindu festival also called the festival of lights.

The Acorns have enjoyed lots of outdoor learning this week many of the children choosing to be outdoors instead of inside. There has been lots of stone excavation and transportation going on in the gravel pit using the shovels and drainpipes to transport stones from one tyre to another. This was really great and lots of communication and working together.
We have also enjoyed a great deal of fun with throwing and catching this week. Some children using baskets on the fence to create their own basket catch game. There was such excitement when they managed to get a ball into the basket.
Many children have been very keen in practicing cutting with scissors and using them to snip up little pieces of paper.

Mrs Taylor has been working with the children to create pictures by the great masters, Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ has been our inspiration for our artwork. We began by looking at the colours that he used to allow the children to make choice for their paint, then explored what equipment we could use to allow us to create the same texture and fingers were the obvious choice. The children are beginning to notice that it is starting to get darker at night which provoked the discussion of the moon hiding behind the clouds and that “it’s just going night night”


Cohort4 – Blue group, Orange group and Green group Seedlings


The seedlings have also spent a lot of time talking about Diwali and have been very busy making diva lamps and doing some amazing dancing to some Bollywood music. Some of the children made rangoli patterns using coloured rice and these have been so pretty. The children spent a long time carefully placing the rice where they wanted it to go. Such a good concentration learning experience for them and some children had fun creating mendi patterns on their hands. It’s been a really lovely week learning about the story and traditions of other cultures.

There has been a great deal of construction in the Seedling group, spending time with Mrs Calder they spent with a group and they had such an amazing one to one time with her. They were using one of the kits to create body parts with lots of discussion around how many body parts we have and sharing to create their models.


Out in the garden there has been lots of travel going on, travel to the moon! Building and constructing busses and rockets. One child told me when I asked him for his tickets on the bus “Mrs Paterson I’m the driver I don’t have to pay” Quite right!


Forest Schools

This week was the turn of the children in cohort 1 and 3. We enjoyed time spent on the field learning how to safely use the hammock and using the fire flint to create a spark. Many of the children had a great time hiding in piles of leaves and just generally feeling wonderful outdoors experiencing nature.



French Friday


This week the children learned about animals and listened to Old McDonald in French.


Dates for your Diary


Consultations for the returners – seedlings w/c 16th November

Wear odd socks – Monday 16th November (acorns)

Wednesday 18th November (seedlings)

For anti – bullying week.


St Andrews day – Monday 30th – wear Scottish attire any day this week


Christmas Jumper day – 11th December


Preschool NHS eye screen testing 15th December (acorns)

16th December (seedlings)


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