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King’s Park Approaches to Reporting

Reporting and Parent Consultations Update

I am writing to advise you of a change to the planned parent consultation dates and to give you an overview of the progress that we have made towards improving our approaches to reporting.  Part of our school improvement plan this year is to begin to develop effective ways of reporting and sharing learning to ensure that parents and carers have a clear understanding of their child’s progress, areas for improvement and next steps in learning.  This priority was identified based upon parental feedback and current advice from the local authority.  We have listened to your concerns about understanding your child’s progress and how you can support your child at home.



 Advice from Education Scotland states,

“Approaches to reporting may and will take many different forms. To ensure that learners make continuous progress in their learning, reporting opportunities need to be regular, meaningful, purposeful and on-going throughout the academic year.”


We know that children learn best when they: 

Personal learning planning is a process that takes account of these points.  It is a conversation about learning which involves pupils, parents and the teacher.  The conversation focuses upon what the child is going to be learning, what evidence of achievements and progress will look like, and planning together for the next steps.


Involving Parents in Learning Conversations

 Currently parents are involved in learning conversations through parent consultations, open days and the end of year report.  The introduction of open days this session has provided further opportunities to engage families in their child’ learning.


Introducing the Seesaw App to support Personal Learning Planning

This year, we have introduced an online programme called Seesaw that teachers will be able to use as a tool to support the development of personal learning planning in their classrooms.  A number of other schools in Midlothian are currently using this with great success as part of reporting to parents.  In King’s Park, we are currently piloting Seesaw in 6 classes until Easter with a view to rolling it out and piloting it across the whole school in the summer term.  This will then allow us to fully embed personal learning planning and continue to improve our approaches to reporting the following academic year.  Parents of the pilot classes will have an opportunity to become involved in using the Seesaw app in the summer term.  All parents will then have access to Seesaw from September 2019. Seesaw will strengthen links between home and school and enable parents to share in their child’s learning journey and comment upon this as well as being able to discuss it with their child.


Arrangements for Parent Consultations session 2018 – 2019

Our aim is to use Seesaw as a key tool in supporting personal learning planning and to change the end of year report to ensure that parents have a better understanding of their child’s progress.  We are still in the process of our pilot and building staff knowledge, skills and confidence in using this new technology to support personal learning planning. Once we are more familiar with how Seesaw supports learning conversation for parents, staff and pupils, we will have a better understanding of how we can develop the end of year report.  This may mean that the format of the written report changes or we may change how and when we provide written feedback to parents.  Taking this into account, we have taken a decision as a staff to keep our written report the same this year which means that we will have two parent consultations and an end of year report which will be in-keeping with the same format as previous years.  I have outlined below, an overview of how we are reporting to parents for this current academic year:


Session 2018 – 2019 Approaches to Reporting

Our Learning and Teaching group in school will continue to work on developing our approaches to reporting and leading the whole school in this.  We will continue to seek feedback from parents and inform you of our progress.  Our parent council plays a key role in supporting school improvement and it has a number of sub-groups including one on Reporting to Parents.  If you would like to know more or contribute your views, you can contact the parent council  via email:  kpps.ptc@gmail.com<http://gmail.com

We will post further updates about our school improvement journey on our school website and through twitter and our pigeon app.

Laurinda Renton,

Head Teacher


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King’s Park Approaches to Reporting

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