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King's Park Primary School

Eco Committee

The Eco Committee is made up one member from each class in P1-P6 with Primary 7 classes having 2 representatives. Committee members are assisted by 3 members of King’s Park staff and other adult members who visit during relevant meetings.

The Members are chosen each year by a democratic process involving our Pupil Council. Pupils fill in an application form devised by the Pupil Council and these are then looked at by the Pupil Council members.

Eco meetings are held approximately every 2 weeks, with extra meetings added when required. Some meetings involve the whole committee, at the beginning of each term. Others are working meetings with a topic leader. Each teacher leads a main topic area and is responsible, with at least one P7 pupil for organising activities.

Eco committee members involve their class mates in discussions to choose activities they feel would be fun and appropriate. Primary 7 members have a working team in their classes to help them undertake projects and tasks.

Environmental Review

Each year an environmental review is carried out. This takes place during a committee meeting with pupils organised into groups along with an adult.

Questions are discussed and answered and decisions are made by the pupils about who they need to ask if they need help with completing any particular question. The results are written out by the children which are then collated by a teacher and used to inform our new Action Plan.

This is shared with the school initially in the form of a pupil-friendly notice for each Eco member to put on their class notice board and a copy is put up on the Eco wall.


Litter picking is an ongoing focus within King’s Park. There is a rota and classes take turns to collect and assess amount of litter found.

We are able to see that most litter is being put in the bin and each year we raise awareness of this by making new posters and giving house points for children seen to be using bins correctly.

This Year’s Focus

Each year, the Eco Committee are required to choose two new areas to work on. This year we have chosen to concentrate on Waste Minimisation and Transport.

The committee will be working alongside our JRSOs and will continue to develop links with the community to help us achieve a clean, safe and healthy environment for our school.

Class Focus

This year, every class has chosen an Eco topic to have as their focus. This will involve each class developing their awareness of ecological topics through class work and activities they participate in with their peers.

Focus Responsible Stage
Litter P3
Waste Minimisation P4
School Grounds P1
Biodiversity P6
Energy Nursery
Transport P5
Health & Wellbeing P7
Food and the Environment P2